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Plushies Required!

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I demand Glossy Drecko plushies! And Longhair Slickster plushies! SHUT UP AND LET ME GIVE YOU MORE MONEY!

Seriously, though, there's a lot of ONI critters I'd pay to have a plushy of, and you clearly have a plushy supplier. You're leaving money on the table here!

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Totally agree!  I have looked several times and have always been amazed (and disappointed) by the complete lack of merchandising for this game.  Given the cartoonish look of the game and the cult following it has, it lends itself perfectly to a huge assortment of stuffed critters or duplicants, toys, hats (hello, they get hats, why can't I?), shirts (no snazzy shirts please!), figurines, or posters.  I would totally buy an atmo suit Halloween costume!

I have only found 1 piece of ONI merchandise: A sweatshirt on Amazon, and I doubt it's officially sanctioned:


Heck, you can't even buy a steam code for this game on any other site.  Every single Steam game I have was purchased from Newegg or Amazon, but not this one... i had to reluctantly give my CC information to Steam to buy it.  I did discover a year or so later that the Walgreens near me sells Steam gift cards, but that is the only place I have ever seen them.

And just take a look at what people are creating and posting on Thingiverse (I see some printing in my future!):



Wake up Klei... Christmas is coming (for you and for us)...

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