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Trade/Quest System Idea

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So hello everyone. I've been poking around this idea for some time now, but what is good a idea if you can't share it so it can flourish?

My idea was about a trade/quest system of sorts for ONI, one that would not rely on any currency, but at trade alone. You can fill the gaps with imagination, but lets say that people from Earth send a signal requesting stuff from space, like for sample they would like to receive 25t of Iron Ore, and for that they would give you like 5t of Oxygen in canisters. They may give rare stuff, like Fullerene, Isoresin, or any other materials you may be in dire need. The idea was like a quest system of sorts, where you deliver the requested material and are rewarded with other useful stuff.

So basically this was the concept of it, and I hope everyone here may find it useful at least.

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I thought of something similar - the Tear could work as wormhole between worlds, If you reached it, you could trade with different players. For each trade, you should launch rocket to the Tear with the resources somebody requested and the rocket could return with something they offered.

This was my idea how to make ONI multiplayer without breaking the core game. However I'm not sure how fun or balanced could it be...

And the quest system - this could work also. I thought ealier about some quest system when our dupes gave us quest to enforce some strange plays from the player (rushing the oil, focusing on farming/ranching, building some room that would break our usual base layout, etc). I wanted to create story for each dupe and break rutine and habits that we can fell into after several games. Quests from aliens to trade resources could fit this as well.

Nice idea, I like it :)

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