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  1. But that is impossible. I have 64gb of DDR4. I don't need to attach the dxdiag because it says pretty much to me this. I don't have any idea why this is happening.
  2. Game totally crash on starting, and never pass through Klei logo. Its not a normal crash too, since it causes Steam to crash too. Produces no direct error message beside the unity crash. I have attached the player.log to the post. What I tried to do: Steam check files; no error. Completely uninstalled the game, deleted the folder and the documents folder. Checked my drivers updates and Windows Updates (just to be sure), with no deviation from when the game was working. Complete check for errors in the OS with no results.
  3. I never had so much fun in this game since first I tried it like two years ago. So far I`m quite glad with what I got in this dlc, and yes, I agree that some stuff need more tweak and changes. At least we all can expect good things from now on.
  4. Oh yes I did, actually it was the first time I found out that it was not unloading, since I was returning from a trip. I believe I had like 288g of carbon dioxide stored in the cargo tank, and it was not unloading. Also I had 512g of polluted water in the other cargo tank, and it too was also not unloading. That is how my ordeal began. Alas, I don't believe this is right place to report such errors. I will keep on trying and if I can't make it happen, I will start a bug report.
  5. Yes it is there of course. It just don't unload anything it gets in. I tried many thing, but no avail so far. I also tried an experiment in a clean new game without any mods and using just debug, and yet, it refuses to unload anything. I believe I'm doing something wrong, but I don't get it. - Gas Port installed next to the rocket platform - Has power supply - Has Input and Output doors connect with pipes, linked to separated reservoirs - It loads gas correctly but won't unload any gas, either the gas loaded or the carbon dioxide generated within the rocket and stored by the rocket interior gas port. - As a side note, the gas is inside the gas cargo module; I can see the oxygen there and the carbon dioxide later stored by the rocket interior gas port. It says no issue messages whatsoever. Same occurs with the liquid cargo module.
  6. I have no idea how to make the cargo modules unload their cargo after the last update. The ports are placed correctly and they load stuff successfully, but they refuse to unload anything stored. Is there anything you must toogle to make them unload?
  7. Thats a pretty neat idea sir. Indeed a Life Suport module would work just like the Solid Oxydizer tank perhaps, receving Oxylite for providing oxygen and clean water. The Life Suport module would then provide oxygen and clean water to the interior, also getting the dirty water and using power to clean it back to clean water again. This would limit the amount of dupes you would carry in the rocket, because too many of them would overload the capacity of the life suport module, either by the amount of oxylite store or by the amount of dirty water it can treat.
  8. Well I believe this was an experiment of sorts from Klei. You see, if you have a rocket interior that need ways to sustain life, like an controlled atmosphere, water, hygiene and disposal of waste, food, electricity, you surely would need means to provide that stuff. The idea was to use the rocket storage modules (liquid/gas/solid) to handle these important resources. You see, these modules were important; they would handle these materials and elements so you could transfer them from one asteroid to another. The confusion kinda began when you use the same container you would use just for these transportation reasons, for the rocket life support. It felt like I'm now forced to install several modules that otherwise I would not have need to use, and occupy module space that would have used for others reasons. I'm not complaining about Klei idea on this subject; it was really good. However, this management of what goes inside the rocket for life support and what is just cargo made it kinda bad. Here are my thoughts, now this is my suggestion, if I may: - Create a single module that handles small amounts of gas/liquid/solids. This module is for life support only; it means that the the ports inside the rocket will only take stuff from it, and not from the cargo modules that holds gas/liquid/solids. This way you have your life support storage module dedicated only to the interior of the rocket. - Completely seal the rocket interior; the rocket walls are indestructible, which is good, BUT not the glass windows. These can be deconstructed, and in the case of the larger habitation module, you can even go outside. This is an exploit, and should not happen. This, combined with the internal material ports limitation only to the life support module, would make undesirable to use the habitation module as an infinite storage, which kinda totally breaks the reason for the other cargo modules.
  9. It still does happens with me as this current date. I'm stuck with an Idle rocket port if I don't save and load again.
  10. Well I found out this is a bug. After saving and reloading the game it worked. I didn't thought it was a bug in the first time.
  11. How you use the Solid/Gas/Liquid Ports? I have placed them connected in the platform, and the rocket goes have the modules; but nothing is ever loaded to it. The port says its idle because there is no rocket on the platform, which is not true since I can take off with it ( tested ). It says that it handles gases based on the platform filter, but again, there is no such option on the platform.
  12. Its possible to finally use mods on this version? I'm still on development build in it.
  13. Same problem here. Juice just make juice once, then it never take water from the pipe. If I deconstruct the Juicer and make again, it repeat the same thing, make juice once, then stops taking water.