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  1. So hello everyone. I've been playing this game since the release, and something always made me wonder; it would be nice if one could start a new colony in another asteroid by a one-way trip. It could be done by a special kind of rocket, that you could fill with materials of your choice, and then it would travel to another random asteroid. It's a one way trip, and everything you left behind is going to be deleted, so it would not interfere with processing. The question however, would be the place where your special rocket would land, because most likely it would force you to build a base in the surface of the asteroid, instead of the middle. This could provide many challenges, as the equation for survival now changes totally in this perspective. The asteroid is chosen when you travel, and it could be any of the several asteroids available during standard newgame; except now you can't choose anything. Well that's my suggestion, and I hope others share opinions and ideas about this.
  2. You have my thanks sir, it worked like a charm. The Kiln was just a test, I was looking in to the Glass Forge so it could smelt metals from ore. Bellow follows a sample to produce molten steel from iron (with your code tip included : ) ): //=== GLASS FORGE : MOLTEM STEEL namespace MoltenSteelIron { [HarmonyPatch(typeof(GlassForgeConfig), "ConfigureBuildingTemplate")] public static class MoltenSteelIron_Recipe { public static void Postfix() { Tag tag1 = SimHashes.Iron.CreateTag(); Tag tag2 = SimHashes.RefinedCarbon.CreateTag(); Tag tag3 = SimHashes.Lime.CreateTag(); Tag tag4 = SimHashes.MoltenSteel.CreateTag(); string stag1 = ElementLoader.FindElementByHash(SimHashes.MoltenSteel).name; string stag2 = ElementLoader.FindElementByHash(SimHashes.Iron).name; ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement[] ingredients = new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement[] { new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement(tag1, 800f), //Iron used new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement(tag2, 200f), //Refined Carbon used new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement(tag3, 200f) //Lime used }; ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement[] results = new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement[] { new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement(tag4, 500f) //Steel produced }; string str = ComplexRecipeManager.MakeRecipeID("GlassForge", ingredients, results); new ComplexRecipe(str, ingredients, results) { time = 60f, nameDisplay = ComplexRecipe.RecipeNameDisplay.IngredientToResult, description = string.Format($"Smelt pure {stag1} from {stag2}", stag1) }.fabricators = new List<Tag>() { TagManager.Create("GlassForge") }; } } } Thanks again for the help. I'll leave the sample so it may help anyone trying the same thing.
  3. Hello again everyone. I've been working on modding this game recently, and I have stumbled on my first problem. I'm really new on programming on C# using Visual Studio, although I know JavaScript and some extent of Ruby. I recently tried a new recipe for the Kiln, which worked successfully, except for two lines problem. First look at the code, which is posted down here. The problem CS0117, which it says that both entries has no definition. I researched high and low about this issue, and I could fix it myself. I know this may be really silly, but bear with someone who is still learning. using Harmony; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace SulfurSandstone { [HarmonyPatch(typeof(KilnConfig), "ConfigureBuildingTemplate")] public static class Sulfur_Recipe { public static void Postfix() { Tag tag1 = SimHashes.SandStone.CreateTag(); Tag tag2 = SimHashes.Carbon.CreateTag(); Tag tag3 = SimHashes.Sulfur.CreateTag(); string stag1 = ElementLoader.FindElementByHash(SimHashes.Sulfur).name; string stag2 = ElementLoader.FindElementByHash(SimHashes.SandStone).name; ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement[] ingredients = new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement[] { new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement(tag1, 1000f), //Sandstone used : 1000kg new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement(tag2, 500f) //Coal used: 500kg }; ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement[] results = new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement[] { new ComplexRecipe.RecipeElement(tag3, 200f) //Sulfur created: 200kg }; string str = ComplexRecipeManager.MakeRecipeID("Kiln", ingredients, results); new ComplexRecipe(str, ingredients, results) { time = 500f, useResultAsDescription = true, // <----- ERROR CS0117: ComplexRecipe has no definiton for useResultAsDescription displayInputAndOutput = true, // <------ ERROR CS0117: ComplexRecipe has no definiton for displayInputAndOutput description = string.Format($"Make {stag1} from {stag2}", stag1) }.fabricators = new List<Tag>() { TagManager.Create("Kiln") }; } } } I should mention that the Visual Studio does compile if I comment those two lines, however, in the Kiln it shows the ingredient icon and not the final product (which are the instructions provided by the lines).
  4. So hello everyone! I've a request for a mod that increase the material usage for everything, as such metal ores and raw stones. In the mid game I found myself swimming in tons and tons of resources, and I don't really need go mining faraway to supply my needs. Liquid and gas usage I think its ok though. My idea of this mod is like allowing user to specify the multiplier for material usage: 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x. Thanks in advance!
  5. Longer Cycle Time

    Its possible to set a time for dupes to stop working and return to a specific point before break time?
  6. Hello everyone. I want to know if there is any mod that increase the cycle time of the game. I searched around and I didn't found anything related to this. I know the cycle is 600 seconds in total, which 525 is day time and 75 is night time. I'm asking this because I would like my dupes had more free time at the days end to eat or have some fun. Its possible to change it?
  7. Save File Editor

    It seems the save editor is not working with the current update. I just tried to backup my dupes and it gave me this error: Error while processing content: Save version "7.12" is not compatible with this parser. Expected version "7.11".
  8. Map Size Crash

    Thank you for the help. It seems equal size values were the problem. Even if I use 384x384 the game would crash. I used different values like you suggested, like 448x512 and it worked. I confirmed the map size through debug mode. It was a really weird problem, but it was solved. Thanks again for the help!
  9. I recently brought Oxygen not Included on Steam, and the first thing I did was increasing the map size using tutorials. I changed the size of Badlands.yaml to 512x512. After this the game crashes if I start a new game in that map. I searched for mods to solve this, but apparently no one works in the current game update. Can anyone help me solve this? I really want to play at 512x512.