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Need HELP: Wolfgang's Mighty Form Dmg Absorb

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Idea: I want to mod Wolfgang so that when he at mighty form, he will take 75% less dmg.

How i do:

In the modmain file: i add a line


Then i add a line in wolfgang.lua under local function applymightiness(inst):


My wolfgang now do take 75% less dmg but regardless of form he was in. like in normal form he still take 75% less dmg.

P/s: i don't know much about coding, those line i copy from Wigfrid char (1st line from Tuning file, 2nd line from wathgrithr file), so Please tell me what to do in a very SPECIFIC way (like copy this line to that file under this section). Greatly appreciated !!!

P/s 2: if that is too complicated to be done, just say the word like "It's Complicated" and i'll just gave up, still very appreciated for your time.

Thank for Reading.

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