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Whitelisting players

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I am having a problem whitelisting people on my dedicated server.

I have followed most guides here and Tonio's dedicated server guide about whitelisting, created a 14 slots server, with 4 reserved slots (which works fine since it does reject people once those 4 slots are left) and added the same 4 KU ids that are currently on the adminlist, to the whitelist.txt (the admins work fine, so the KU IDs are correct)

However once the server reaches 10 people, I'm the only person its letting be the 11th player and use the reserved slot. The other 3 admins are rejected by the server just as if they were not on the whitelist.

Is there something else I may be missing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey, I ran into this problem before. I couldn't find a fix, apparently there's a bug in the code or something.  If you want to make the server completely whitelisted however you can setup your own steam group and link it to the server and then only allow people from that steam group to join.  Probably not what you're looking for since random people won't be able to join.  But it works as a great whitelist.

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