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why cant I contact a person for help????

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I have searched and searched for some kind of support email to no avail. I love this game but why do they make it so hard to contact tech support when something goes wrong in your game. I click on links for some help but it just goes in circles showing me the same pages over and over.


My spools, twitch rewards and free skins all show up in my user transactions as having earned them but when I go to my ps4 they don't show up in my game. This is soooooooo frustrating that I cant actually find anyone to talk to about this to get it fixed.

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Hey there, 

When I search "Don't Starve Support" - The first thing I get is our support page. And when you first land on the forums, you see all of our games with their support links. There are also contact links on the top and bottom of this page. 

Would you share how you went about looking for contact info that you couldn't find? I will see what I can do to make sure that will return the correct result. 

To answer your question, as noted in the update post the update won't hit console until next week. While you can earn the items now, you won't see them until the game is updated with those items. 

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