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Spanish exists


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It is one of the most talked languages on the planet, and you seem to ignore it.


according to wikipedia:


Languages with at least 10 million first-language speakers[7]
Rank Language Speakers
% of World pop.
(March 2019)[8]
Language family Branch
1 Mandarin Chinese 918 11.922 Sino-Tibetan Sinitic
2 Spanish 480 5.994 Indo-European Romance
3 English 379 4.922 Indo-European Germanic
4 Hindi (Sanskritised Hindustani)[9] 341 4.429 Indo-European Indo-Aryan
5 Bengali 228 2.961 Indo-European Indo-Aryan
6 Portuguese 221 2.870 Indo-European Romance
7 Russian 154 2.000 Indo-European Balto-Slavic
8 Japanese 128 1.662 Japonic Japanese
9 Western Punjabi[10] 92.7 1.204 Indo-European Indo-Aryan
10 Marathi 83.1 1.079 Indo-European Indo-Aryan
The top 12 most spoken languages in the world
  • English (1,132 million speakers) ...
  • Mandarin Chinese (1,117 million speakers) ...
  • Hindi (615 million speakers) ...
  • Spanish (534 million speakers) ...
  • Arabic (274 million speakers) ...
  • Bangla/Bengali (265 million speakers) ...
  • Russian (258 million speakers) ...

Which Languages Have the Most Speakers?

It comes as no surprise that English reigns supreme, with over 1.1 billion total speakers—or roughly 15% of the global population. Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, and French round out the top five.

Rank Language Total Speakers Language Origin
1 English 1,132 million Indo-European
2 Mandarin Chinese 1,117 million Sino-Tibetan
3 Hindi 615 million Indo-European
4 Spanish 534 million Indo-European
5 French 280 million Indo-European

oxygen not included on steam:

  Interfaz Voces Subtítulos
Español de España No disponible
Chino simplificado  


dont starve

  Interfaz Voces Subtítulos
Español de España No disponible
Chino simplificado  



thxs cu

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We localize dependent on the size of the player base. Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and French tend to have the most players. Off the top of my head I believe Spanish is 9th most spoken language with our players under Korean and Italian. It varies from game to game a bit depending on a few factors, but overall that's why you see more support for other languages generally. 

We don't have a lot of resources to spend on localization and traditional localization at our level is extremely expensive as well as time consuming. We do our best, but it's not good enough for a lot of languages. ESPECIALLY for games with frequent updates. That's why we also offer language modding for most of our recent games. This allows the community to help us pick up that slack. 

But I appreciate you making this post. It's not the best situation, but it's what we got. It's not out of lack of respect, it's entirely due to it being the limit of our ability. We've gotten better as we have grown and we will continue to try to improve as we move forward. 


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