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overall mob rework ideas

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we've been getting character reworks recently but what about an overall mob rework? Here are my ideas:


Beefalo do 50% more damage than they do currently

Wurt can make merm battle standards like the ones in forge

Followers can be domesticated similar to beefalo. The domestication process is much faster and you gain points by keeping them fed. They have similar tendencies to beefalo. Speedy: achieved by running lots, fast and good at kiting. Fighty: achieved by dealing/taking damage. Increased damage and health but slow. Pudgy: Doesnt run away from you when you get too close and also slower, achieved by overfeeding. Default: default.

Tallbirds you grew up will not follow you but be neutral towards you. They will wander around and eventually make a nest


those are my ideas any other ones pls comment down below so we can discuss thx for read

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