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Clue/Cluedo in DST(A map for the new save system!)

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So I've had this map made for a few months now, but as of the recent Return of Them beta, saves are being changed in a way that custom maps will be significantly more easy to share! (Hence why I am posting this in the Return of Them part of the forum)

This is Clue(or Cluedo, depending on where you live) the detective board game brought to Don't Starve Together. Made in a Don't Starve Together theme!

Download it here.
DST Clue Updated.zip

Note: Due to the large amount of boats used, a strong enough host PC is highly advised.

In the spoilers below are some details on the map, including how to play it, the mods required for it to run and some screenshots of the map.

Map Information and How to Play.


Map Information

This map uses a combination of boats, items, wormholes and the /roll system to function properly. The map can be played with anywhere from 2-6 players, one host is required to make sure the entire game runs as intended, this means for a full game you will need 7 available slots, so if you aren't running a dedicated server, use a clientside mod to allow for more then 6 player slots, otherwise this map can be played with less if necessary.

As for how to play the map, prepare for a wall of text here as I try to explain to the best of my ability.

So to start off,there needs to be at least 2 players but no more then 6, there also needs to be at least one player to play the role of host(so 3-7 players counting the host), effectively moderating the game to make sure it plays the intended way. The host will begin by taking all of the clue items from the scaled chests provided on the map, and evenly distributing them amongst the player chests(just beyond the player select wormholes, distribution would be based on player number.)

Once it is set up, there is a chest before the player select wormholes that has gem armors, these armors will determine what player color you are, all players must take one of the suits and put it on before entering a player number marked wormhole to obtain their evidence and to be ready when the game starts. The host will always carry the evidence items that are the answer(always a room, color and weapon) but will not announce the items until someone has figured out the solution and has made the correct accusation.

How to Play - Basics and Moving

The game will start off with all players doing /roll, turn order will be determined from highest to lowest in rolls, ties will roll again to determine order amidst those players.(If two players tie for 3rd for example, then they will both roll again to determine who goes 3rd and who goes 4th,)

Once turn order has been decided, the game begins with players taking their turns moving across the board, movement is done by using the command "/roll 12" to roll anywhere from 1 to 12 spaces, the number rolled is how many boats that player may move through.(Boats serve as the board game's "tiles") A major note here however is that you may not move diagonally across boats.

Rooms can be entered so long as you have at least 1 move left on your roll, and are on the boat adjacent to one of the room entrances. (No diagonal hopping or walking on the room edges to enter the room, that's cheating)

How to Play - Rooms and Investigating

Big note here: Make sure you have some means to take notes! Use a notepad program or app, pen and paper, or something else!

Okay so once a player has entered a room, they may make a suggestion in that room. A suggestion simply has the player suggesting a player color and weapon. Once a player has made a suggestion, other players may counter their suggestion by stating they have evidence against the suggestion.

If one such a player has evidence to counter a suggestion, they can give their evidence to the host, who will bring it over to the suggesting player. Once the host has brought the item to the suggesting player, that player must take notes then return the item to the host, the host will then return the evidence item to the original player. (Example: Player A Suggests Red with Whip while he is in the Sparring Hall, Player B makes a counter stating they have evidence against it as player B has a Red Gem indicating it isn't red(Player B does not announce having the gem), Player B gives the Red Gem to the host, who then brings it to Player A, Player A takes note that it's not red then returns the Red Gem to the host, the host then returns the Red Gem to Player B.)

After a suggestion, the player's turn will end, if a player is already in a room when it is their turn, they can have the option to make another suggestion or to roll and return to the board to navigate to another room. A third option can be done in the corner rooms of the map where there are wormholes that the player may spend their turn using to go to the corner on the opposite end of the map(The wormholes serve as the "secret passages" like in clue), if a player uses a wormhole they may also make a suggestion for the room the wormhole goes to on the same turn.

NOTE: When suggesting a player, that player will be taken to the same room you're in, where they may suggest something on their turn or otherwise move.

There is another option and it determines winners, the Accusation option, if a player thinks they know the answer to win the game they may make an accusation from anywhere on the map. The accusation involves stating which player color, which room and which weapon. If the player gets all 3 correct they win, but if someone has a counter-claim to their accusation then that player instantly looses and is out of the game, their evidence is then announced to all other players who will take notes.

Once a player gets a correct accusation and nobody can counter-claim it, the host will announce the items and therefore, announce the winner.


Required Mods


These are the mods required for the whole thing to run properly.

Sanity Tuner - Used to keep sanity at maximum at all times, as nightmares only get in the way of the map.

No More Hunger - Makes the hunger meter not drain, as having to eat would just make the game go slower.

More/Less Hounded - Cause I forgot to disable periodic hounds in this world so this mod gets rid of them.

Gemstone Armors - To mark player colors!

Now according to Zark, as long as these mods are subscribed to and have been downloaded into the game, once this world has been loaded into the save menu it should already have the correct settings, but if for some reason the world does not have the correct settings, then set the following in the mod config options.

For Sanity Tuner - Set everything to the highest possible gain value.
For More/Less Hounded - Set the hound options to have them never spawn.



Spawn Area



Hub area with host chests


Keyword area so people can know what keywords to use.


Color and player select


The board itself.(It's so big I can't render all of it!)



I put alot of time into this map, Ihope y'all enjoy it! Kudos to klei for adding the ability to share maps easier in DST! I put alot of time into this map and really like how it turned out, and now that saves were changed to make it easier to share, I had to of course, share this map.

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Just wanted to say that the map has been updated, it is now confirmed to work with the latest version and will not require any retrofitting(as of the Forgotten Knowledge update!)

The old version lacked some shard files which caused it to not appear in the save list, that should be remedied now! Enjoy!

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