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Going against the grain...Any way to restore a file PRIOR to a rollback?

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Okay! So.

Today I was playing DST, and killed the Toadstool. Yay, great. Well, I got mobbed by nightmares right after my victorious battle, and died. I tried to get to the touchstone but wasn't going to make it, I had only 5 seconds left before world reset so I panicked and disconnected.

The LOGICAL thing to do would have been to load back in, and finish my trek to the touchstone with a freshly reset death timer. However, my brain went autopilot and got click happy on me, and I rolled back a day without even realizing what I was doing until it was too late. Needless to say, I've resurrected the toadstool - but since the battle spanned over more than the single day I rolled back, all of my gear/prep work is destroyed and I'd need to start over completely to prep for him.

Has anyone found some sort of mastermind way to undo a rollback? I know... the game provides a warning that there is no way to undo it. I'm an idiot, I get it. I'm just hoping for some sort of unknown miracle.


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2 minutes ago, Frashaw27 said:

While not the solution you were looking for, how about rolling back before you started the Toadstool fight? It's not the best solution but at least you won't have to back up from almost no prep.

Yeah, for sure! That is my last resort - assuming I can't find a way to "undo" my rollback. It just feels so defeating - I got my butt handed to me 4 times on this fight already, I was so ecstatic I won...just to ruin it myself. Lol. 

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