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What will happen when the PS5 comes out?

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I think the simplest option will be the game being backwards compatible, with no improvement whatsoever. 

But after the Hamlet update for single Don't Starve I started to imagine something different: 

A physical release of a "Don't Starve Ultimate Pack" for $50, which will include DS, RoG, SW, Hamlet and most importantly a better version of DST on console.

With some improvements like:

- Taking full advantage of the PS5 Hardware (hoping this will reduce lag)

- Adding Trophies for the Raid Bosses (Bee Queen, Fuelweaver, Crab King) [ Even tho I know Klei doesn't like the mere idea of Trophies ]
This would make getting the Platinum more rewarding (like the Dark Souls 2 PS4 version compared to the PS3)

- Having all the chars unlocked (you know since it's the Ultimate Pack but No Skins so the incentive of buying or weaving spools to get the Skin is still there)

- All the skins and savedata from PS4 will work on the PS5.


Since all of this is just wishful thinking what other things would you add?




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Alternatively it could just be a free update like state of decay 2 juggernaut edition.

I would rather not spend 50$ to repurchase something I already owned.

there would have to be a whole new games worth of content for me to want to jump to the new console and rebuy DS/DST/DLCS again.

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