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Just another cry about chess pieces

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Can absolutely use a thing to look for chess piece heads quickly. At least the way we looked for portal pieces in DS. Perhaps it can be crafted out of the Iridiscent gem to spicy things a bit? Id hit on that.

Also can use a thing to actually tell if the chess-piece party have been defeated already (crushed version of marble object or something). Spent like 5 days scounting entire map last match only to understand that the entire pack was annihilated on public server on day 11, once the whole map was revealed; and that someone pitch-forked the ground so I have extra fun getting the knowledge of that.

Or at least can use guaranteed two chess pieces generated on the map to begin with, since those heads make early game very RNG-dependant.

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On 10/12/2020 at 3:48 PM, Well-met said:

The game needs more incentives to explore the map and this is one.

Plus didn't Klei literally give them map icons very recently?

That is nice indeed since you can move at night without being afraid of missing them (happened to me 2 or 3 runs out of dozens), but that has little value if you target beating all major content the game has to offer as soon as you can get to minimally possible.

Also, I always had less trouble dealing with two chess sets without icons then just one with. :>

I think due to little degree of alot of random moments this game is very fun to speedrun in whatever way you wanna limit yourself. You often save a lot of time early-game, but then loose it looking for toadstool; and vice versa. But chess pieces RNG is just as broken as the possibility of having no living wood spawned at all (it only hurts because you never expect it not to; but chopping birchnut is always a decent backup strat since the one chopping will be pigs at PK area :P) and scouting each and every bit of the map (its not like looking for toadstool biome which actually has somewhat predictable spawn areas) just feels like something I'd like to put out of the game. Making such locator out of iridiscent gem would just spice things so much for me personally... Ah.

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