Rook's coins and gun event in Daily/Brawl/Campaign

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Rook's guns and coin are essential parts of his character, both narratively and gameplay wise. Yet, in the Negotiation daily he is denied the coin upgrades, in the Combat dailies (Boss Rush, Protection) and Brawl he is denied gun upgrades; and in the Campaign the gun upgrade is a mere Opportunity, forcing you to make a choice that you shouldn't have to. None of the other characters have to rely on items outside of their decks to succeed (grafts not withstanding).

I'd love to see Rook being able to swap coins in the Negotiation daily, perhaps at the end of each boss fight; being able to tweak the amount of gun chambers in the Combat dailies and Brawl, with the event playing out after the 2nd fight in the dailies and in the middle of Day 2 in the Brawl (mimicking gun show's appearance in the Campaign); and in the Campaign, I think it's only fair that the gun show should be changed from an Opportunity to a simple quest, similar to Sal's Rise merchant or the Hesh camp quests but non-repeatable.

The Cave Escape daily deserves a special mention, cause I think it's well balanced (aside from the Krill and Bossbit encounters) in terms of fighting and talking with just the basic guns and coin, even on Hard.

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