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Perma-night world (#2)

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Hello everyone, I'm just advertising my world - Lights Out 2: Lights Outer. This is the second of my perma-darkness worlds and is currently at day 605 as of writing this, so you'll avoid most of the tedious parts of maintaining the world. Now while I'm not able to provide a schedule of when it'll be up, typically if you check the server list around 11 PM EDT, you might find it in the survival tab. You can also send me a friend request on Steam if you want to keep track that way, usually if you see me on DST around that time, I'm hosting/streaming this world.


Due to the amount of griefers joining lately, you're going to have rely on the starter supplies mod and whatever may still be left at the portal when you arrive, but if you've got even half a clue you'll know where to go when you join. No other hints will be provided, this is not a babysitting world, I host non-default, harder worlds on my end. If that interests you, please do visit sometime.


You can add me here: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Quyzbuk/

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