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[SOLVED] Loading worlds from cluster zips

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I would like to help, but not sure what a cluster is :D

Is a cluster folder the things you find in Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether, so the data about a current world?
If so, how about unpacking the cluster folder and replace one of the 5 present cluster folders with the new one (and name it accordingly, like "Cluster_5"?

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@Serpens I thought I did, looks like I forgot to submit it.

Step 1) Generate a world in the save slot you want to import the cluster to. If the import has caves, you also need caves.

Step 2) Disconnect before choosing a character.

Step 3) Close DST

Step 4) Delete the cluster you just generated, and import the one you want. Rename it to match the original.

Step 5) Re-open DST and launch the world.

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