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Wortox Team Teleport

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My vision is this, Wortox could cast a "portal" anywhere in his teleport range, but instead of him teleporting, any player could go through it to go to the other side of where he casted it, here's some balance ideas for it:

For Wortox to keep the portal open, he must stay completely still (Like interacting with the Lazy Deserter)

To open the portal, it would take one (maybe increase?) soul, but to actually teleport a player, it would take another soul.

Maybe add a sanity drain as he does this so it isn't possible to just go afk with a portal and a bunch of souls.

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Almost forgot to mention, Wortox needs to see where he casts the portal, just like his teleport. No teleporting in the dark! (If Wortox cannot see where the portal is, it will close.)

Maybe make the portals two way? Also maybe make it cost more to go to Wortox via one end

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5 hours ago, Charlie Dark said:

That'd be WAY too powerful... 

Depends if your on console or PC- Wortox can only Teleport in the direction he is facing in and only to a pre-set locked range destination on Console.

The idea for this sounds like Wraiths Portal in Apex Legends, But Wraith herself needs to go to and create an Entry and Exit point before the portal is Useable.

I think Wortox should just have Xmen Nightcrawler power, (being able to grab hold of another person and teleport them with him) but even that... sounds like a Bit Much.

His ranged team healing already makes him super good already this might be OP.

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On 9/25/2020 at 5:43 AM, Charlie Dark said:

That'd be WAY too powerful... 

Well it's just a suggestion, its open to balancing, and even then, late game it would become nigh on useless once you get lazy explorers and deserters, Could also make some sort of thing where if someone uses it, it could hurt Wortox, all that focusing on making portals available to others could be damaging. The key to making it balanced would be extreme soul costs and a heavy punishment, maybe give it some sort of 5+ day cooldown.

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