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It happens all the slaggin' time.

"Bahni contracted food poisoning from eating a germy water."

And at this point, even those of us who've been playing ONI for a while are all kinds of "WAT?" whenever we see something stupid like that.  That's because we've gone through painstaking measures to make sure our water source remains clean and unsullied by random dupes who can no longer hold their bladder or their stomach.  (Nothing makes me go thermonuclear in this game more than seeing someone pee/puke right on top of the pitcher pump.)

Anyhow, to the point.

The root cause of this issue is the fact that your dupes LITERALLY DROP EVERYTHING the moment someone rings the friggin' dinner bell.  Whether it's a lump of slime packed full of slimelung germs, or that adorable little shovole pup or pipsqueak that will wreak utter havoc on your colony, they will drop it like as if it was anything but a horrible time bomb waiting to go off on your colony.

Now, I know that Oni (the modder, not the game) has already made a mod that keeps dupes from dropping things while they're climbing ladders.  That seems like a pretty fundamental alteration of dupe behavior.  Is it possible to alter dupe behavior so they actually finish their current task (especially transferring critters and running supply jobs)?

I mean, it's one thing to stop in the middle of an operation task.  "Whoop!  There's the bell!  This metal refinery will keep just fine."  But it's entirely another when they drop something inside your base that will completely ruin it, even if you do take fast and decisive action.  "Oh gee!  It's time to eat!  I'ma just gonna leave this slickster right by the water cistern.  What could possibly go wrong?"

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Another thing I've noticed.

During down-time, Dupes can't seem to decide if they want to work or not.  I'll see a dupe constantly start running back and forward, back and forward, trying to decide if they wanna dig that one tile out, or go hang out with their buddies.

This might not seem like a bad thing, but then, refer to what I wrote before.  What if in the middle of their dithering around, they happen to to pick up something potentially dangerous, and then drop it in the middle of your colony?  Now THAT is a whole different kettle of fish now, ain't it?

I know there's a mod out there that can let you set tasks to a priority of "0", meaning that even if a Dupe has nothing else to do, they still won't perform a task that has a priority of "0".  So I know it's not impossible to make a mod that messes around with the prioritization engine.

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