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Snurtle/Slurtle Mounds Questions

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  1. Do Healing Salves and/or other items heal Mounds' health so they don't get permanently destroyed?

  2. Do snurtles/slurtles temporarily stop spawning if you farm them several times? How long do we have to wait for a new one?

I'm trying to find some info on mounds health and snurtle respawn rates. How many live or can spawn at a time, and how I can avoid destroying the mound permanently. My world has only one mound sadly.

I'm attacking the mound and fighting the one snurtle that spawns. I kept doing that until no more spawn. I accidentally killed the mound and had to reroll. Do I have to wait for a respawn?

Also I noticed I can heal the mound with a Healing Salve, will that stop it from being permanently destroyed when I hit it?

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