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Quick Idea/Theory for Wigfrid's Short

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So, just today on september/17/2020 we finally gotten news on the Wigfrid rework, giving her more focus into team combat, having a unique meter while in combat to sing songs to buff her and her allies around her! But excluding that we've gotten an interesting tag that goes with it that says this:

Though she may have left her old life far behind, Wigfrid still feels its echoes... and an irresistible desire to perform. Recently, she has begun honing this side of herself even further, using the power of performance to stir the hearts and minds of her audience whether it be by lifting their spirits, frightening them out of their wits, or giving them the courage to take on the world. For this venturesome Viking vocalist, all the world's a stage... and she will play her part well.

And since I predicted the werebeaver hunt plot for Walter's trailer, I wanted to give it another shot at Wigfrid's since I had these ideas for a long time! :D

Predictions based on the image:

so looking back onto the first image we've gotten: tease_bg_01.thumb.png.7ebf35897909794feb1f4a46071a7980.png.fe00aa9c2b2c26a5862bf6c21a856eaf.png

It has a sort of somber feeling by the bland colors and darkest cold tone, as if something was long lost long ago, this feeling really reminds me of Warly's animated short Tast of Home. And I'd like to give an idea for how they could match up together with their vibe and colors starting with my first idea.

Idea one, Wigfrid looks back at previous memories of acting:

I'd like to think that maybe this is a while forward in time to where maybe Wigfrid is no longer able to play the operas that she used to be able to. To where now she can only look back at them as memories only, as she goes through the short looking at her previous pictures of where she used to be a different person to who she really was in the real world. You know the bizarre scenarios where real world actors get so obsessed with their characters they play that their characters start to take form of their personalities or even them becoming the character? What if maybe Wigfrid herself dislikes her old life due to trauma or just being plain bored of reality, and seeks her Wigfrid persona as a way to escape reality. (looking back at the quote "Though she may have left her old life far behind, Wigfrid still feels its echoes... " like she regrets something")

And even from the praise and hopes from the crowd Cheering desperately to go on and gain Victory! This doesn't feel too distancing from Wigfrid's character since it has been shown for wigfrid to break character from a few quotes in game showing that she has some intentional doings to this.

(Pirate hat saying: ("This hat cönfuses my character... I mean, my söul.")

And the top hat :("It döesn't match my cöstume." )

It's also pretty clear that this character wasn't just a one time thing as in the pictures we see different settings and scenarios for the viking even one picture referencing the unicorn.

But how did the show come down to an end? What caused a really successful gig that wigfrid has done time and time again to just suddenly end well that brings up another one of my theories.

Wigfrid might be connected towards "Maxwell's final act"Screenshot_20200917-171948_YouTube.thumb.jpg.bff0e00839e967386511b89ae8e76f4c.jpg

Now I know I'm going a bit too far into the weird side of things, and I'm not connecting these two events JUST because their play related. If you think about it a bit, Maxwell and Wigfrid our both famous actors that play pretty big roles on stage, so it could be possible that they might have connected at least once in their careers. What if Wigfrid was around during Maxwell and his acts together, and Maxwell's little "finale" might have caused a ruckus that greatly affected Wigfrid's Play near same time, causing Wigfrid to feel as if she's genuinely the character she is playing as. (perhaps fighting a feral shadow creature gone loose forcing herself to keep everyone calm and act as it's just an act and all of it is fake or by helping others evacuate outside similar to Winona's case as we've seen the portal to the constant act pretty hostile sometimes.)  Then after experiencing trauma or maybe the play that... well plays her shows are forced to shutdown due to massive structural damage causes Wigfrid to not be able to perform for quite a while...  the only continuity errors I see is that The most recent location we've seen maxwell in was predicted to maybe during san fransisco , referencing the French earthquake in Maxwell's house in the william Carter puzzle. While Wigfrid's is currently unknown...William_Carter_Puzzle_8-12.thumb.jpg.2444b0be0f879ea38f2b425cab833418.jpg

Predidcted conclusion?:

 Long after the event, Sitting in her home at a dull fire in a cold, cold place.. that is until a late night call from a certain raggedy ragtime radio informs her about one last play for the mighty Viking "the Final act" to put Wigfrid's story to an end on acting excited to perform in she quickly dresses up and bolts out the door knowing later what would later be a trap sending her into the constant. Explaining why she was all set up and ready for the play, how she got the meat? Who knows... this also goes well with her old quote "A test öf my incredible acting!"

I'm going to put this for rest tonight though. As i will add alot more ideas to the table later as I got a busy day tomorrow in the mean time, let me know what you think and I'll be happy to discuss you're ideas as well, thank you for viewing this! \(^-^ )/

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