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Mod Ideas. If I modded ONI I would make these.

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First off some of these are almost enough to get me into modding oni but I have so little time I would rather play the game.

Evaporation Pools:

These pools would be an alternative to the desalinator that requires power. In the real world ocean water it stored in huge shallow pools and the water evaporates and leaves behind the salt. So my Idea is to have Salt pools that take in heat from the are and use that to evaporate the salt water or brine. It would take like 10 of these pools to produce as much salt as the desalinator and would require salt water above 50C The product would be salt at the the same temp as the input liquid. Dupes would have to manually collect the salt when it was ready. The water would be destroyed you would get a little heat destruction and you would get salt with no power input. What about the Dasha Salt Vine you say. Well this is so much simpler to set up and doesn't require chlorine gas.

Electric Smoker:

New cooking items that use lumber to make smokey dishes. Like Smoked Pacu and Meat Jerky (no or very long spoil time)

BBQ Grill:

Like the electric grill but uses charcoal instead of electric. (possibly uses electric grill model but doesn't require electricity and the recipes require charcoal and give off carbon dioxide)

Salt Curing Process: (Or maybe something like the drying rack from DST)

Add a recipe to use salt and pacu fillet to make Kippered Pacu (no or very long spoil time)

Add other recipes to use salt, meat, and plants to make cured meats like Balm Salami (Salt, Balm Lilly, and Meat) or Salted Hatch (Salt and Meat)

Fire Place:

Decor Item that works like a heater and burns lumber for heat. (want this for rime or 100k maps)

Sweepy Automated Mining laser:

Sweepy seems useless to me. The one place I can see it being used to to clean up regolith in space. So If you could attach a laser on top of him to automatically dig it would be cool. Or maybe a sweepy that just goes out to dig. Call him Diggo.

Alternatively bring back Shaft miner robo miner. 3 tall 50 deep miner something to not have a robominer every 6 cells

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