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[QOL] Bed rolls, siesta and tents should run on a time limit instead of limited uses

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Sleeping is one of the mechanics that had to be changed completely for DST. Instead of skipping time, your character has to sleep in real time while their hunger drops. This makes sense considering the multiplayer nature of the game but it could be handled better. For comparison, lets look at the pros and cons of sleeping:


Sleeping main benefit is simply hard skipping the night. If it's winter and you know you're only going to stand near a fire pit for 4 minutes, you might as well sleep on a tent. If it's summer and you dont want to deal with the day, you can sleep on the siesta. This is also good if you want to farm days to unlock more characters.

The time skipping also allows for some min-maxing and the choice of sleeping early or late. If you have food to spare, you can sleep on the tent for the last 10 seconds just to get the hp/san and then eat one meatballs. If the dusk+night is really long then sleep early and the hunger cost is smaller. The siesta only costs 25 hunger so it's easy to get value.

Sleeping in general isnt mandatory and argueably not worth but there is still a game around it and it's an option.


In the dst you have to sleep in real time and more experienced players will say it's simply not worth the effort because, well, most of the time it really isnt. Lets say you're hurt and go back to your base. First you gotta cook something to fill your stomatch, then you sleep for 1-2 minutes and then you cook something else to refill. In that same time you could've cooked 2 pierogis and some taffy. If you have a Tam then you dont even need taffy because wearing it charges your sanity faster than sleeping. Even in summer, you're better of wearing tam and eating hp food near an endo fire than sleeping.

But regardless of it's optimalness, beds still have LIMITED USES which creates 3 main issues in DST.

1) In order to get the most value out of sleeping you need to sleep the most you can. Like, with 120+ stomach you will sleep for over 2 minutes to recover all your health and ~120 sanity. The problem here is that sleeping so long is boring. Most players prefer to play the game instead of, well, not playing the game. It also creates the weird scenario where you wait besides the tent until you get the most time possible.

2) If you get a short sleep then it SUCKS for everyone involved. It's a mild punishment at best and a huge mood damper at worst. Watching a newbie crawl into a tent in the last 10 seconds of the night leads to someone insulting them and then feeling bad and they might never use the tent again.

3)Faster HP regen than sanity regen isnt that great when getting "the most value" means you'll probably sleep for 2+ minutes to get the maximum sanity out of it.

This is why i personally think bed rolls, tents and siestas  would be a lot more intuitive and mitigate those issues but not necessarily be "better" if they ran on a timer instead of limited uses.

Lets say you reach the base near the end of the night and you're a bit hurt. You go to the tent and sleep for 30 seconds. That's +60 hp, -30 hunger and +30 sanity. That's not a full charge but you're a lot better now and you didnt put much time on it. Without limited uses you dont have to feel bad about taking short rests and there is now a bigger incentive for multiple people to use the same tent more often.

This would also be a huge benefit to the fur roll, which is one of my favourite items that just sucks. Sleeping in the wild isnt just risky, it's hard to justify. if you dont have food to spare you'll starve and if you have food then you're better moving or doing something else. If fur rolls had durability and (crazy idea) could be repaired with a sewing kit, they would at least be an interesting choice to carry around.

But how much time should they get? uh i dont know? A normal character has 150 hunger so that's 2.5 minutes. A tent can be used for 6 days so i guess 2.5 x 6 = 15 minutes worth of "durability"? Fur rolls get 10 minutes? Warly's tent gets 25 minutes? I dont think those numbers would be unbalanced since that's what you can get already. It's not like tents are hard to make, their biggest issue in DST is not being worth the time it takes to get value.

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