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Weird Bug Regarding to Mod


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I was trying to test out debug convo options that bypass hard checks in my campaign, so i disabled debug mode. However, upon starting the campaign, this is the result.


I know my mod loaded correctly, because there's an extra option available. When the game's debug mode is enabled, the main quest spawned correctly, but once debug mode is disabled, for some reason, there's no quest with the same id.

There's no way for me to test this, since once debug mode is enabled to check my problem, the problem magically disappears.


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Hm, I'm not seeing the same behaviour with the example mod so I'm not sure offhand what the issue would be without seeing any code.  You could try printing to the log in the file where the quest is added.  If that print doesn't show up, then the file isn't being included for some reason.  Working your way back from there might give clues.

Let me know if I can help.


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i see the problem.

there are two problems actually.

one problem: when debug mode is not on, one of the debug classes is not defined, and modifying the debug classes obviously throws the error. that happens after i added my custom act, so that it may seem the act has been added, but everything after the crash doesn't run, resulting in no main quest defined.

the second problem, when not in debug mode, calling a mod api and encountering an error doesn't throw a log warning, so it would appear that the mod successfully loaded, but actually it isn't.

so the problem is mostly on me, i guess.

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