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Using Krane

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i know im late to the party but im having isues with getting krane to run in general???? it seems to open then close and then nothing happens. i try to comand line /user... but it says the error along the lines of this path is not an executable path ot something like that. nothing too impotant but i would really apreciate some help.

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Hm what are you doing exactly?

1) Open your terminal with windowskey + r, enter cmd and hit enter

2) navigate to the folder where the krane exe is located

3) type "krane"

-> you should now get the param info 


krane: Required argument missing: INPUT-PATH

Usage: krane [OPTION]... [--] <INPUT-PATH>... <OUTPUT-DIR>
Try 'krane --help' for more information."


Did you mean that? So to solve, you need to tell what files you want to extract. check the documentation.

eg "anim.bin build.bin _output" 



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