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Hey Grifters,

...and we're back! We're still working away at the new daily and modding stuff. You should be getting a proper mod screen soon.


  • Fixed missing DOWNGRADE tag in toughen_up_plus2d
  • Voltaic now applies a static_buildup condition to better track incoming damage
  • Added damage preview for static_buildup (shown as intent)
  • Reworked how Flekfis picks his intents in Silver Tongue negotiations to ensure consistency
  • Defect damage multiplier now calculated after other additive modifiers.
  • Heshian Mask now uses POWER_LOSS instead of handling temp power with its own condition
  • Memory Lock now triggers after Parietal Integrator.
  • Fix Sluggish crash when negotiating vs. Flekfis and handle the case where his core argument is shielded.


  • Updated de/fr/ko/ptbr translations
  • Fixed missing loc reference when smashing an auction item in auction_util.lua
  • Fixed bug in daily_boss_negotiation.lua where cancelling out of removing a card would not let you choose again
  • Fixed dialogue bug in handler_admiralty_rescue_mission.lua
  • The Complete Daily grift is only completed upon victory.


  • Item upgrades show up in the CardDetailsPopup again, with a note that it may be upgraded via means other than xp.
  • DeckScreen should be locked when viewing from the GameOver screens (fixes being able to upgrade cards after the game is over)


  • Add a PlayerBackground:AddClonedAct function so that acts can be more easily added to other player backgrounds.
  • Filter out NPC cards in the ExportDeckScreen debug tool
  • Save tabular data to the settings folder so it can be used in production. In the dev branch, continue to save to data for convenience. (eg. the CardExporter script will look there directly)

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