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New Magic Ideas

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While we all love some good ol' magic in our lifes, but admittedly, the shadow tab is underused, and I want to fix that, and you give your ideas too

Stalking Cane: 1 walking cane, 1 red gem, and 6 nightmare fuel at a Shadow Manipulator

A walking cane that produces light, is refuelable with nightmare fuel, can be turned off like a lantern, will not break once it reaches 0% fuel, but will slowly drain your sanity when it is turned on

Design-wise it is a black walking cane with a thin, black pillar as the handle, and a shadow flame coming from the top, similar to a night light

Black Gem: 2 purple gems and 6 nightmare fuel at a Shadow Manipulator

Design-Wise, they are star shaped black colored gems

These themselves do nothing, but are ingredients in New recipes

Shadow Staff: 2 black gems, 5 gold, and 6 nightmare fuel at a Shadow Manipulator

Attacking an enemy with it will spawn an adult shadow tentacle, which is basically a tentacle with 2x the health and 1.25x the damage

Shadow Amulet: 3 black gems, 8 gold, and 10 nightmare fuel at a Shadow Manipulator

Wearing it will increase your damage by 200%, but will drain your sanity as much as a dark sword, and maybe drain your health too

Killing Pad: 15 gold, 20 nightmare fuel, and 5 black gems

Design-Wise, it is similar to than telelocator focus, but with 5 points in the shape of a star

Inserting 5 red, blue, or purple gems into it, it will allow you to activate it, and by doing so, anything within it will be damaged by 50% of its max health, save for Fuelweaver and Misery Toadstool, they are completely immune

But if you put 5 Green, Orange, Yellow, Or Black gems into it, activating it will Insta-kill anything inside it, save for Fuelweaver and Misery Toadstool, they are completely immune

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Always love to see new Magic ideas, The cane ideas are nice, the Amulet and Pad, idk, Wolfgang dealing 800 damage would break the game, and sanity loss for people that can kill anything with one blow isn't gonna work, but I see this idea working somehow with a health loss,or not,  idk, I just like damage boosts, and the Killing Pad, Idk, quite costly and kinda of a waste even for boss loot. 
the shadow staff, idk, I could see this as a book in a Wickerbottom rework. 
I want more cane crafts, no poofing around anymore for me.

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Here are my thoughts on the concepts:


Stalking cane: kinda op considering the maginumluminescence amulet exists. Maybe buff that to balance the cane


Shadow staff: seems pretty balanced. Maybe has to be made at a ancient station and have 20 uses + refuelable w/ black gems


Shadow amulet: Same idea as the staff


Killing pad: A bit too gimmicky


Extra ideas:


Death Note. Made with 10 fuel 2 papyrus and 1 pencil, once you cast it on a mob, it will drain the mob's health by 10/sec and ur sanity by 20/min until the mob dies or you deactivate the book. The book is single use.



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