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Klei Official Servers down again & Request to fix an Klei Official Server bug

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@nome I wanted to note that the EU Klei Official Servers are down once again since the last update (2/4 EU servers are just not updated, other 2 are down).

Other than that I have a request to you to fix a bug on every Klei Official Server which causes the 'random_set_pieces' not appear at all which includes places with Clockwork Rooks, Suspicious Marble Statues, etc. If your Klei Official Servers are using a custom preset, could you check if for the forest shard the table "random_set_pieces" isn't empty and if "numrandom_set_pieces" equals 4?

At least for me, the command

local p = Profile:GetWorldCustomizationPresets() for i = 1,#p do if p[i].location == "forest" then print(p[i].numrandom_set_pieces, #p[i].random_set_pieces) end end

does always return the numbers 4    19 for every custom forest preset I have.

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