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Considerable lag on split-screen mode

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Hello there,

I have seen some lag-related posts on various forums but it is August 2020 now and I wanted to post my experience.

I have the game and playing it on a PS4 (not pro) split-screen with my girlfriend.

The problem is, whether or not the Lag Compensation setting is on, the game is unplayable due to lag.

When the Lag Compensation is off, there is a huge delay between my inputs from the controller and the character's action on the screen.

When the Lag Compensation is on, my inputs from the controller instantaneously register and I see the effect on the screen, however the lag is significantly evident in the behavior of the environment. For instance, it is impossible to avoid the attacks of creatures or hit-and-run them which requires precise timing and it is impossible with the lag. This inability simply makes the game unplayable after a certain progress.

I should stress that it is the offline multiplayer, and I play completely fine on PS4 single player and on PC.

Any suggestions on my behalf? Or will the developers fix this problem at some point?

Best regards.

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  • Developer

Hi there. Does this happen in a particular world, or all your split-screen worlds? If it's only one particular world, could you upload your save file?

Also, you said it's offline multiplayer. Are you able to play online, or do you not have PS+? 

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@CharlesB in general the game feels more laggy than before and also the hit detection is way worse now. when i'm playing on online servers with 39 ping i get destroyed by simple enemies because i keep getting hit even if there's a good distance between us. my internet is fine, so thats not the problem. a few days ago i was playing solo with warly for my cookbook and i played on a local only sever, still the lags and the strange hit detection was there. theres a delay when chasing butterflies and trying to hit them with a weapon, but without a weapon its working as intended.

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