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Hey Grifters,

This is a hotfix that addresses issues that we saw over the weekend and fixed today.


  • Fixed typo in the flavour text of Anchor
  • Fixed bug where Ancient Warrior was using the upgrades table of its def directly instead of shallow copying it in OnAdded
  • Fixed bug where Twisted Kicker was targeted instead of random.
  • Clarified description of the Crisis bane
  • Fixed bug where Release Valve wasn't giving the Defense that it's description said
  • Kashio no longer creates holograms of herself if the fight is over. This prevents weird bugs with spawning new fighters after the battle has concluded
  • Fixed bug where the Innate Connection perk would train the pet before it had had its max health updated, causing the max health to be incorrect
  • Fixed bug with Tough Constitution where the free food wasn't working properly
  • Twisted Figurine: fix only applying 1 damage per attack card played


  • Fixed bug where the Promoted Bandit Goon would sometimes use the base Goon's multihit attack
  • fix departed hirelings popping in during sleep quips
  • The functionality of training a pet has been moved to agent.lua instead of duplicating the code in every instance of a pet being trained


  • Fix numeric hotkeys triggering disabled option buttons.
  • Updating the main overlay when buying a graft slot
  • Making 4 grafts fit the screen on the graft picking screen
  • Preventing Relationship tooltip from showing off-screen
  • Tweaking the text link color on the buttons so it's more visible
  • Fixing bug when the graft tooltip wouldn't reset properly between types of grafts

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