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Add back an option for the old screen flash

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the whole point of options im my opinion is to add more options for different players to choose what they prefer, i liked the old screen flash from lightning and gunpowder and the new "default" option i think sucks and makes these things really lame and took away the little omph they had to them..

it would be good if the old one can be added back as a different option than the "default" it can be "intense" or whatever just it would be better to have that back gunpowder now doesnt feel like something that could kill a boss with a few stacks more like kill it can kill a butterfly barely with the pathetic explosion effects it has now and lightning feels super lame now doesnt feel like the wrath of thor, more like someone turning on the light and then dimming it.

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Personally I was thinking of making a Suggestions and Feedback thread about captioning or new warning quotes for thunderstorms or something, because I noticed that with the visual effects toned down the thunder noise was now the biggest cue that lightning was happening and that seemed like it could be a problem for hearing-impaired players and people with the sound off. I mean, I've got perfectly fine hearing and didn't have other audio playing and I still overlooked the raging spring thunderstorm until one of my crockpots caught fire while I was filling up my cookbook on my test server today, so someone who actually can't hear the boom would be even worse off.

I would be in favour of keeping the current default setting as the default, but making the arrows for the Screen Flashes setting go in both directions, so that "Dim" and "Dimmest" would be on one side and Bright/Intense/Classic/Shocking/whatever name for it would be on the other side, maybe with a popup warning to click through about strobe lights (not entirely unlike the ones that warn you that you'll have to restart your game to apply a setting) to be extra safe.

Having said that, the new default was added as a safety feature so that people don't have epileptic seizures from repeated lightning strikes (among other medical conditions that can be set off by intense, rapidly flashing lights), so adding in that the new version is "super lame" and "sucks" makes it really hard to sympathise with your complaint. Whether in-game lightning and explosions are still cool and impressive this way is not the biggest issue here.

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there should be the old version when you click in the reverse side idc if by default it is on "dimmest" setting I want the ability to go back to how it was and i'm glad there is options for people who have seizures to not have seizures but i dont have seizures and 100% of the people I know dont have it either and people who dont have seizures would like to have the option to choose what screen flashing they want for themself and not have all the options replaced with seizure-proof ones.

and yes the new screen flash to a non-seizure prone person like me does suck and is superlame because it's being forced on me to be the only option i have instead of the old one, maybe if the old one was still there i wouldn't have to say they are superlame and suck.

its like if a few people are lactose intolerant so an icecream company changes all their icecream to vegan soy icecream and they stop selling actual dairy icecream instead of you know having both of them..


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