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[suggestion] Wortox sanity or general rework

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i got this character not long ago and i cant play it as well as the rest. i am someone who plays alone most of the time and i find extremely difficult to play Wortox alone because literally everything makes him lose sanity! i hit a butterfly? lose sanity. i fight a spider? lose sanity. i get near pigs they attack me and also lose sanity!, i stay still i lose sanity! im hungry? of course i lose sanity! time passes? i lose sanity! is almost night? i lose sanity, it is night and im full hp and well fed? of course i lose sanity! everything makes him lose sanity and there is no effective way to get sanity back! i tried hats, flowers, the fly pet. none helps at all. they restore 1 sanity each minute and the previously mentioned things make wortox lose 1 sanity per second. funny how isnt night nor monsters what kills me but nightmare monsters going 3 at a time because i failed to pick 150 flowers in less than a day...

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That is NOT how Wortox normally works.

No offense, but your suggestions made no sense; They seem to come from your experience at "uncompromising mode" mod or some other balance altering mod like that. What mods do you have installed on your game? I strongly suggest that you please disable all your server mods, and then try him again.

Now, in the vanilla game (that is, a server without mods) Wortox does however suffer from sanity a bit more than the others (not even remotely as much as what you've described, though) but it can be compensated in a lot of ways. Here are some general tips: 


  • You have to use your souls once and then, so you do not reach 21 souls on your inventory. The limit is 20, and past that you overcharge and lose sanity. I always try to keep them between 5 and 15, so just teleport/heal yourself often to always stand around those numbers.
  • Sanity restoring hats and armor work on him with no penalty. During the early game you should have no sanity problems by just wearing a top hat. The Tam O'shanter works on him exactly as for any other character and should probably be your main hat most of the game. Bee queen crown also works very well for him.
  • You can have a balanced diet of both souls and normal food. A meaty stew will restore 75 hunger to him so that's always a good way to get full without loosing sanity
  • Sanity restoring food will work on him, just at half potency. That means that eating 10 cooked cactus will work as 5 cooked cactus for any other character, but nevertheless, its not like 5 cooked cactus do nothing! just go around and pick 20 or so cactus from any desert whenever you want to be sane for a while again. Since he can heal himself so fast and nearly for free, you can even collect the cactus without armor. You can also make mushroom planters and just eat green mushrooms.
  • If you have enough filling food (meaty stews, meatballs) you can also sleep to restore your sanity
  • Wortox is much less afraid of monsters, so monster's sanity auras have a smaller impact on him. This is useful since as Wortox, you will spend most of your time fighting things.



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Wortox op, if is difficult for you practise with other easier until you learn how to kill shadows with 0 damage received


Also your ways to get sanity arent effective. Use tam o and green caps/cactis/ice cream but picking flower is something you should stop doing after few hours playing

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