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Dedicated Server CPU Core Allocation

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Hello everyone,

I know this question has probably already been asked, but I just thought I'd ask it again here just to get a definitive answer.

When hosting a dedicated server from my own personal PC (CPU: i7-8700k), is it possible to force the dedicated server to use more than 1 core?

I have plenty of cores from which I can run the server, but it really loves to attempt to max out one core instead of utilizing any of the other cores/threads on my CPU. I understand that DST does not natively use more than a maximum of 1 core per shard, but I was wondering if there was a way to "force" the server to spread the load over multiple cores/threads.

Is this possible, or would DST need to be completely rewritten from the base code in order to accomplish this?

Thanks for any and all assistance!!

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  • Developer

It does use more than one core, but most of the game is written in lua and the lua code is limited to a single thread of execution, therefore the speed of that one core is the limiting factor.

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