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How To Create / Modify Character Animations

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I'm making a Don't Starve Together character, and I want to create new animations for them. I'm using the Extended Sample Character template, I've made all the PNG's, and I believe the character uses Wilson's pre-existing animations, so I'd like to find Wilson's pre-existing animations, duplicate them, and modify them for this character I'm making. The problems I'm running into are

1: What software is Klei currently using to create/edit character animations?

2: How do you open pre-existing character animations to edit them?



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  1. Klei use Adobe, but the mod tools only come with Spriter.
  2. Decompiling animations into a Spriter project is possible with Simplex' "krane" tool, as found on the Browse->Downloads page of these forums, and on GitHub.

As a rule of thumb, making a custom idle animation or a custom action are feasible, but reanimating everything is a lot of work because there are a lot of animations with a lot of keyframes and a lot of symbols/sprites.

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