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A Comprehensive Guide on Volt Goats and how to Abuse Them

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Originating from the Oasis biome, Volt Goats are a neutral mob with 700 health and drop two large meats guaranteed on death with a 25% chance to drop a Volt Goat Horn, they reside in a herd of at maximum 6 members. Volt Goats won't get aggressive if you attack another member of the herd, they run away if the player approaches, and they respawn every 1.5 to 2 days only if the goats are unloaded.

Although Volt Goats sound underwhelming from a farming standpoint, once you have an understanding of the mechanics behind them you will be able to take advantage of one of the strongest resource farms in the game.

Advantages of using Goats

Volt Goats are very unique compared to the popular methods of getting food because killing them can be fully automated, each herd of Volt Goats being automatically farmed yield 2 large meats every ~1.5 days, meaning that multiple setups such as my sextuple auto goat farm can produce an overwhelming amount of food a day with no work other than collecting. More details on the specifics of setting up this farm will be explained later in the post.

Volt Goats also have a 25% chance to drop their horn, this enables Warly to produce dozens of Volt Goat Chaud-Froid. Chaud-Froid gives the player a 1.5x damage modifier when eaten and a 2.5x modifier if your target is wet for five minutes, adding the chili flakes seasoning will boost the modifier to 1.8x and 3x damage respectively, which essentially makes Warly and any other character’s damage better than Wolfgang. A double auto Volt Goat farm allows Warly to mass-produce Chaud-Froid for him and his team for almost every combat situation.

Less importantly, you can also get Volt Goat milk by charging them using the Morning Star for ice cream, the autofarm also produces lots of rot which can be used as fuel or fertilizer.

Finding & Hunting Goats

Volt Goats spawn in the Oasis biome and the amount of herds your world spawns with varies between around one and four, in case you aren’t satisfied with the amount your world spawned with there’s a way to get more.

The "Troubled Waters" update introduced the ability to find Volt Goats through suspicious dirt piles, to find them, you need to be in spring, while it's raining, and your suspicious dirt pile must end in the oasis desert; the chances to find a Volt Goat replaces the odds to find a koalefant if these conditions are met, meaning you can't find a koalefant but you can still roll for a Ewecus or Varg. The conditions to find Volt Goats are very strict, but there's a handful of mechanics and strategies we can use to find Volt Goats more often.

1. Using Moslings to cast rain. Since you're restricted to spring, you can kill a Moose/Goose and cage it's enraged Moslings to summon rain by baiting their attacks.

2. Track ditching. If your track doesn't seem that'll land in the oasis, you can wait for the track to despawn, a new one will spawn a couple seconds after so you can try again.

3. Restart the server. Tracks are currently bugged and will not spawn after you successfully completed a track unless you kill the hunted mob, unfortunately you will need to restart the server to get more, if you don’t have the ability to restart the server you must kill the hunted Volt Goat after it creates an offspring.

4. Angling the track. Tracks can only go at acute angles when following, the only exception to this is when the track meets the ocean, starting the track at the beginning of the oasis biome gives you more room for a successful hunt.

Moving Goats

If you aren’t basing in the Oasis you’ll most likely want to move your Volt Goats to a different location, unfortunately moving Volt Goats isn’t as simple as you would think, but there’s several strategies developed to ease the process.

Before you attempt to begin moving your goats, you need to have an understanding of how they function in correlation to their herds. Each group of Volt Goats houses an invisible entity named it’s “herd point”, this is the spot that Volt Goats respawn at, the Volt Goats will occasionally walk to their herd point and that’s how you can visualize its location. The herd point can move, but it requires movement from every member of the herd and too quick movement won’t move the herd, that’s why telelocation will not work.

1. Reducing the herd to one member and scaring it slowly to a new location. Reducing the herd to one member makes it much easier to manipulate it’s herd position, the Volt Goat must be moved slowly, or else it’s herd position won’t update properly. You can tell that the Volt Goat has changed it’s herd position if they wander around the new area. If you are struggling to grasp this concept, Helicalpuma made a wonderful video showcasing this strategy.

2. Sleeping and pushing. Once you kill all the members of the herd except one, Wickerbottom can push the last remaining Volt Goat while it’s sleeping by using her Sleepy Time Stories. I suggest Sawchuk’s push mod to make this process easier.

3. Instant telelocation. In normal circumstances telelocating a Volt Goat will not properly update it’s herd point, an exception to this is shortly after a new Volt Goat spawns in after you find one through a suspicious dirt pile. Once a newly hunted Volt Goat spawns, it’ll take five seconds before it creates it’s own herd point, if you’re quick enough you can telelocate it to your preferred position. I made a video on this strategy.

Safety Goat setup

As long as a Volt Goat is alive in the herd new members of that herd will continue to respawn, meaning that you can telelocate a Volt Goat from a herd to a random caged area and you won’t need to worry about extincting the herd as long as that Volt Goat is alive. It’s quite simple and makes farming goats a lot safer. Safety Goats are amazing for farming goats manually, but they are required for the autofarm setup.

Autofarming Goats

Autofarming Volt Goats take advantage of the anenemey’s mechanics of attacking and safety goats. Anenemies have a special property that allows them to attack a target even when unloaded, meaning that the farm is completely and fully automatic, you can be anywhere in the world, even caves, and goats will always be dying. Anenemies attack for 60 damage every 60 seconds, goats will die shortly before their timer for respawning ticks, all of these factors make this farm extremely efficient in terms of value.

Setting up the autofarm is very simple, you must create a 3x3 or 4x4 box with an anenemy in the middle and move the goat and it’s herd into the box and telelocate the goat away, doing this creates a safety goat and goats will begin to respawn in the trapped box. If you need a video example of this, Lakhnish Monster created one.

That concludes the Volt Goat guide! Hopefully this guide was enough to convince you to start utilizing Volt Goats if you aren’t already, I personally believe they are very underutilized at the moment considering how strong they are. Thank you for reading!


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