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Cosmos infrastructure suggestions

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Just copypasting my post from steam forums:

- Bunker doors should have an information about lock/open time in 'properties' tab or in the database. This time is very essential during automations planning (as far as I understand its 50s with power supply)

- Why do we need a solid ground to build a rocket engine, if it can be removed afterwards? I think its better to remove that requirement

- Why the rocket modules must be build part-by-part without possibility to plan all of it simultaneously? That's a lot of discomfort

- Travel time to distant stars is way too long. It should be reduced to make travelling to them reasonable

- Game needs more hydrogen sources. From my point of view, it is too hard to squeeze enough hydrogen from electrolyzers and if there are no hydrogen vents on the map, you have to travel on petroleum. Imo, simpliest solution to this is to give at least 1 hydrogen vent to every map seed

- Solar Panels are not reacting with the bottom atmosphere, making hydrogen cooling not possible (https://imgur.com/a/eswpNqs). In case of overheating its easier just to rebuild them. Imo, Solar Panel tiles should be thermal conductive

- Robo-miner cannot mine through the door when its open. I think it should

- Shove Voles are extremely annoying. It takes a lot of effort to get rid of them. Critter trap could do the trick, but unfortunately, its overheat temp is only 75C. Imo, there should be a possibility to make a Critter Trap from steel

Thanks for the reading :)
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Bunker door 44 seconds to open, 39 seconds to close with power. (according to the wiki)

The 2 things about rockets are just the way its designed. Maybe they will change it with the upcoming DLC.

And you dont need to cool solar panels at all. Place them beneath window-tiles, and they never get any hotter in vacuum.

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