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Question about Wurt structures.

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I built like 9 merm flortifications in my base to surround the merm king yet I only see about 4 in general walking around most of the time. I read in a update post from Klei that the flags on the buildings indicate whether or not they will spawn a loyal merm guard.

What are the conditions for having these flags appear?

Can someone tell me why I don't have 9 or so walking around my base? I don't believe they were dead because it was spring and I waited a day or two and still only about 4 were walking around.

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As long as its not winter, and the king is alive, you should have 9 of them. They respawn in about half a day after dead, if the conditions above are met.

Did you take them to fight or work somewhere away from base, and lost their friendship while being away, at some point?

There is a common merm bug that happens when they lose friendship at a certain distance of their houses, which makes that they can't pathfind their way back and get stuck in corners of the map.

If that is the case you need to find them and either lead them to their houses, or kill them.

What I do to make sure they always return is: 


- If many merms survived the battle I took them to, I just lead them back home and then when next to their houses, I disconnect and reconnect to the game so they stay there.

- If not many survived, or many ended up too damaged, I just make them kill eachother before losing their friendship, and finish off the last one myself. Given how fast they respawn this is probably the best thing to do if you know you won't be needing them for at least a day. On one hand you make sure they respawn at their houses, and on the other hand you make sure they are always at full HP (they do not regenerate hp over time so any damage they take accumulates. There is no point in keeping 9 warrior merms, that when you need them the most have an average of less than 100 hp)



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