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Slight wormwood rework

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I had an idea for a wormwood rework. He could still have his main pros and cons, but here's some extras.

* Wormwood gains health (1 hp/30 sec) in the rain.

* When his water meter is full, he gains 2 hp/30 sec, but loses 1.5 × the normal sanity drain from water.

* Garlands will have the reverse effect, since he is wearing "friends" on his head. Top hats remain the same.

* Wormwood loses his leaf in winter, which would slow him down a tiny bit but also slow hunger drain, basically the opposite of spring.

* Wormwood can befriend treeguards and other living plants with living logs.

* Wormwood can dunk his feet in a pond, raising his health, but also costing you wetness.

* Finally, Wormwood gains sanity near trees, but loses sanity near stumps.


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