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have i done a shenanigans?

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i got two developer's graveyards, a regular graveyard, a cave entrance and beequeen within two days walk of the spawn in my newest word.

i get developer's graveyard often enough that i was happy but not particularly ecstatic(i intentionally turn boons, trees and flowers all the way up and touchstones off which seems to help that particular set-piece spawn about 20% of the time) but i've never ever seen two in the same world and the person i was playing with seemed quite surprised as well. as far as i know it should only spawn once? like, the wiki doesn't say if that is how it works but with how rare it is for other players(and in ds i only ever saw it one time ever) i would assume it oughtn't show up more than that?

the only thing i can think that is unusual about the world is that i was shown how to change the code in the cave generation so that all the exits spawn close together. it has made my caves very lively and interesting but since caves are entirely separate from the overworld i am not sure that would do anything? if it is possible to get two of the same set-piece then please just tell me i am silly but if it isn't mayperhaps it is a bug?


my mods are;

auto stack and pick up

animal variety

extra equip slots

health info

icebackpack & icebox

increased stack size(the only new mod in this list)

lamp post(ham)

and shovel more

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Just to be 110% clear: you got 2x Developer's Graveyard set-pieces in the Forest shard, right? Not 1 on Forest and 1 in Caves? (until now I encountered the latter example 3 times in total in my >8k h in DST, thus I would say a very rare occurrence. Yet I never encountered 2x DG on 1 single shard, which I don't believe is impossible as I don't think there is a max number of 1 set-piece type per world, still seems extremely unlikely). Perhaps posting the seed gen code could help. Also a "code-digger" may aid by publishing code details for Set-Piece generations.

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17 minutes ago, x0-VERSUS-1y said:

Also a "code-digger" may aid by publishing code details for Set-Piece generations.

As much as I understand, there are three Set Pieces which can be generated upon world generation:

  • 1x Protected Resources: Contains setpieces like Guardian Pigs, Tallbird/Hound Fortress, Glow Berry Trap (Caves only), or the Reed Field Trap
  • 1x Points of Interest: Skeletons with certain loot scattered over a bigger distance than normal (Walking Cane Skeleton excluded, he's available in boons instead)
  • 1x Traps: Set Pieces like the Sleeping Spider, the Rot Chest in the Swamp, the Red/Blue Hounds next to their corresponding staff, or the Developer's Graveyard. But the Developer's Graveyard is marked as rare, meaning that even if it's selected as the Trap-Set Piece, there's a chance of 98% that it will be replaced with a different Trap Set Piece.
  • 3-8x Boons: Skeleton with1-2 tools and a few materials

According to my knowledge, unless someone is using mods it shouldn't be possible to obtain Developer's Graveyard twice in the same World Shard.

The Basalt Pig isn't available in neither of these Set Pieces, but has instead a chance of 1/200 to spawn in each Mandrake Forest Segment. Note: There's one Mandrake per Mandrake Forest. So that might be the only Set Piece which can spawn more than only once, but the chances for that are really low (You might need to visit an average amount of 10,000 different worlds to encounter it more than only once).

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6 hours ago, x0-VERSUS-1y said:


correct, in the forest shard. frankly though until i looked it up i didn't know it could happen in caves as i've never seen that either and wouldn't know the optimal settings for making that one show up

5 hours ago, Viktor234 said:


shouldn't be or cannot? because i have gotten double guardian pigs many times over both ds and dst and i have seen others get doubles(and someone talked about a triple once as if it were on par with developer's graveyard; rare but not unheard of). as far as i know the total of set-pieces are what is capped so you only get a number of them and only on the rare occasion when i would use the setpiece config mod to force a pair of reed-traps  would it pretty much kill other non-skeleton spawns from happening


for sure i am super confused now

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1 minute ago, Viktor234 said:

Game Mechanics and Server Mods don't mix.

yeah, i found that out a while ago x''D as it turns out my computer isn't strong enough to run correctly when tentacles come on screen in dst and the lag would make it so i would be the only one to die when leading mobs into a reed trap. it is a shame too, i use to love reed-trapping things and was ecstatic when i once got a king of winter roll that was a reed-trap off-center in a biome full of spider dens


;____; golly, i miss having tentacle friends. now i want to play ds solo

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