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Hey Grifters,

Here's an update for experimental that includes some new fixes, and glimpses at what we're working on for the next update. It's not quite ready to show off yet, but industrious dataminers might have fun discovering it. This fix also includes the recent hotfixes.


  • Zig Zag: fix crash if there are no enemy targets left when drawing an attack
  • Fix crash playing Legacy Blade.
  • Dilemma: Cost is now reduced until played.
  • Fixed bug where red_herring didn't pass itself as the source of diversion
  • Stem will no longer choose variable cost or unplayable cards.
  • Renamed Rook's "Temper" card to "Tempered" to avoid clashing with the Grawkit's condition
  • Kingpin no longer applies on the turn it comes in, so damage previews stay correct.
  • Speed Wheel: Keyword "Charge"
  • Arc Loader: Changed to give 3 (5) Overcharge.
  • Fix the Marked bane triggering Fragile Health at the beginning of combat.
  • Swift Rebuttal: Clarify card text
  • Dilemma: Now applies after Force Compression


  •     First pass grift tracking.
  •     Added the Perk graft type
  •     Added Perks in a total of 5 different tiers


  • Allowing left click to skip to the bottom of the conversation if it has been scrolled up
  • Laying out the Battle/Negotiation preview panel so that the bosses and their names don't fall off screen or get cut off on really wide monitors (21:9 and 32:9)
  • Try defaulting to current character filter when opening the cards compendium.
  • Deck screen shows number of post-filtered cards.


  • Change ExtractKeywords to handle reference loops - this was causing crashes in some translations
  • Do a save after you beat the assassin, but before you sleep, on sal day 2
  • Also remove redundant "go to your room" at the end of sal day 2
  • Card Exporter:
    • Filter out NPC cards in the card lists.
    • Export at 2x current scale.
    • Fix crash if trying to export without a card selected.


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