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Hey Grifters,

Here's a hotfix for a couple of issues that we found in the latest release:

  • Fix the mix for Sal's negotiation music
  • Fix inaccurate description for Picky Battle/Negotiation mutators.
  • Fix crash if Emergency Shield Generator activates while being stolen within a Grout Cluster.
  • Remove userdata.charges for a card in PostLoad if max charges was removed for an item. ¬†Fixes a crash playing an old save viewing Oshnu Glue in french.
  • Amend tutorial to reference core argument instead of core resolve.
  • Add upgrade hilites to Delayed Breather, Initial Empathy.
  • Type-check loc format parameters of type %d to avoid crashing.
  • Add translations/input/french with a retranslation to CHARGES_VALUE.
  • carve no longer applies wound if evaded
  • Fixed incorrect dialogue showing up before the boss fight in daily_escape_cave.lua
  • Allowing users to go back to the end of the conversation if they scrolled up and don't see any buttons
  • Hanbi's bio updated.
  • Fix campsite recovery in brawl not ending if you choose "End"
  • Fix battle card draft gift in brawl from showing "Negotiation" title
  • Bugfixes for maul, batter up, the sledge, hurricane, and rib cracker all applying debuffs even when evaded
  • The following cards no longer apply their condition if evaded:
    • Barbed Switch Blade
    • Savage Lacerate (base card already worked this way)
    • Sharpen
    • Gash
    • Barbed Defense
    • Deepstance

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