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How to make anim files for armor and tools?

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How do I make anim files for my hat/armor/tools?
I took some "anim/*.zip" form dst files and mods files and i just krane them, replace images and put to "exported". Well, now i have anim files but game crash everytime i start server and try to craft them so i need help witk all of this | it was soething wron in code and its working now but still need some help.

 Also I need to know how to make my own anim files bcs i want to make items for those i have no template to use.

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Hi @Yagi2137 let me know if you still need help. I have made a tutorial about this matter some time ago. If my tutorial is not clear enough then you can send me your mod folder in .zip format and I will send it back and explain everything. Cheers!



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