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Available on Steam?

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I have a question since I don't think I"m the only one thinking this, but according to the site they made it sound like this game would be available for purchase on steam by Friday. Reason I say this is because of how they worded it, why would they comment that the game would be 11.99 today on steam yet you could get the same deal by paying 8.99 yesterday?

I'm just wondering if perhaps there is an issue with Steam showing said game on their site or if the news itself was inaccurate with what it was saying and the only means to purchase this game is through the 3 methods shown below?

Had I known this wouldn't have been available on steam today I would have purchased it last night for cheaper since it was the same deal but since I already added more to my steam wallet I would much rather not have to move more funds around to try this game out and am hoping that perhaps there is just a delay of it showing on on steam or something.

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