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I got this cool idea that could make seafaring more worth the trip?


- A large eyeball that lives in the ocean. There should only be one per world.

-The eye will live surrounded by fog, sort of like a graveyard.

-The eye will be closed and uninteractable in this state.

-Whenever there is a form of precipitation, the eye will be fully open.

-You can sail over and attack it.


HP: 1000

D: N/A (electrocutes when attacked)

(It never dies, when it reaches 0 HP, it will close and when it rains again, it will open again.

When it reaches 0 HP, it will close and all rain will end. If the rain ends normally, the eye close as well.


Whenever the eye has reached 0 HP by the player, it has a 25% chance to drop and Indigo Gem.

Indigo gems are like regular gems but has to do with rain and water. It has two crafting recipes.


4x Living Logs 4x Nightmare Feul 2x Indigo Gem

5 uses

When used, it will call rain. It can trigger frog rain.

When used while raining, it will end the rain.


4x Nightmare Feul 2x Indigo Gem

Lasts 6 minutes when worn

When worn, it is impossible to get wet and all frogs from frog rain are not agressive and will follow you when worn. Attacking something with it on, all frogs will attack it.

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i think a pun on "eye of the storm" being an actual eye mob would fit perfectly in DST! and itd be so funny to have a floating eye somewhere out in the ocean lol. i think the interactions with rain are really interesting and it would be a very fitting source for a rain caller item. though im not so sure about the addition of a new gem and the way of acquiring it (the rng aspect, having to 'kill' eye). i think id personally prefer the eye to function like the volcano altar of snackrifice from shipwrecked in some capacity though this is just off the top of my head 

anyway that said i think the eye of the storm is a really funny idea and just the right amount of 'punny' for DST :-) 

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