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More turf and turf recipes tweaks

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I would love to see more turf options in DST! Whenever I play DS I'm almost overwhelmed with the turf choices, but I know most of those turfs only exist because there are 3 whole very different worlds to explore, where new turfs are just necessary. Return of Them added new places to explore and in turn we got 3 new turfs so far, which is great! But I think DST could use more craftable, man-made sort of turfs, with its focus on making bases. While I love natural looking turfs, it's hard to make them fit by being only craftable, so a good compromise would be adding turfs in vein of wooden flooring, checkerboard flooring, carpeted flooring and such! These turfs always give a nice, homey feeling to the base. That being said, here's some of my ideas, would love to hear more ideas though!

  1. Bearger Carpet: this one would be made with thick fur and it could be a good but more expensive alternative to the classic carpet!
  2. Driftwood Flooring: just like a wooden flooring, but a bit rougher and also white. I love how driftwood looks and I'd love to see more recipes requiring it.
  3. Feather Rug: made with down feathers, it's literally what it says, just a feather rug. Another variant of it could be made with malbatross feathers.
  4. Ruins Turf(s): I think the turf in the ruins are really pretty, but sadly right now if you dig them up you get nothing. I think they could use a recipe in the same vein of the replica relics (needing a blueprint from the ancient chest), the recipes would probably cost thulecite to make.
  5. Shroom Flooring: made with shroom skin, this could like mushrooms growing on the ground. This one is definitely wackier compared to the rest and I suppose it would fit in the natural looking turf category better, but I like the idea of using shroom skin for more stuff!

These are just a few of my ideas, but I think there's a lot that could be done! Now, onto another matter: I think some existing turfs could use better recipes, so here's what I personally think could use improving:

  1. Cobblestones: I never liked how the recipe takes rocky turf, making it inevitably unrenewable and not letting me use rocky turf as decoration in large amounts. I think if it just used rocks instead of rocky turf it'd be a big improvement.
  2. Shell Beach Turf: I love how this turf looks, but I struggled getting a good amount of it for my base even after raiding pearl's island of hers because of the steep cost. 3 broken shells for 1 turf is quite a lot! I think if it gave 2 turf from the recipe it'd be a lot better already.

These 2 are the main ones for me, I think the rest have a reasonable cost, though any of them that take boards can be incredibly grindy to make in large amounts.

I'd like to hear other people's thoughts on this! I feel like there's a lot that could be done with turf, they're a big part of base building that's not often talked about.

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I was thinking they could just make Cobblestones cost 1 Boards, 2 Cut Stone; the same recipe as Stone Road Turf in Hamlet. With DST having so many ways to farm rocks, I think it would be more than balanced.


About Ruins Turf, the red glow is imo one of its main selling points, so I think it should either glow 24/7 or maybe only at night.


As for other new turfs, I mostly want some color variety. Turn of Tides brought a much needed touch of blue with the Moon Crater and Lunar Beach Turfs. But I think red and pink are sadly underrepresented.


I get that DST has a more drab palette than SW and HAM, but at the very least, Gorge has proven that pink turf can look amazing.

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