POLL: Community Events / Thread for Streaming?

Community Thread for Streaming & Videos?  

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  1. 1. If I started a thread for people to post videos they've made and stream announcements when they're live, would that be useful? Or would it clutter things?

    • Yeah, I'd like to see people's videos & when they're live!
    • No, the thread would just get in the way.
    • Neither / I have an idea for a better option.

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Hey guys - I know the community's fairly small while in early access, but I also know there's at least a few other people streaming and making videos already besides me. Since there's not an official Discord, would having a dedicated thread for videos & stream announcements function well in the forum? Or would the thread's presence clutter it if people were using it a lot? Please feel free to suggest alternatives!

*(Disclaimer: I wanted to set something up that works well for everyone......but I fully realize that I'm one of the most feral members of the community and I do not want to spam the thread single-handedly just because I post so frequently LMAO - so seriously, let me know if you would make use of the thread too!)

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I am absolutely terrible at catching streams but hey, if they're archived or something I could always check it out later. I probably won't post anything of my own on it because I don't have the computer power to record anything but I'd love to see what the community does. I think it's a great idea.

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Okay so the poll's been positive but also only 5-ish people have voted so I'm not sure whether to move forward on that or not lmao!

Though another option has presented itself since I made this poll -- I mentioned there not being an official Discord server, but an unofficial™ one from the Reddit does exist. Pretty small but it's been getting a little more life lately, I've even seen a few people from the forums hop in!

So maybe for now videos can just go in the Communal Art Thread, and stream announcements can be posted as status updates on your own profile as someone mentioned before? Idk, the devs can confirm if they prefer people to do it a certain place, and those who want to promote a stream on the fan-discord can do so!
Hopefully that works for everyone - at least in the meantime until more people express interest in this (and/or Klei makes an official Discord server wink wink hint hint). :D 

(P.S. The Discord in question is chill, but for the sake of transparency let me just disclaimer™ real fast:

I'm now a mod on this server (as of this morning actually lmao)! And like I said from the start I don't want to draw people/activity away from the forums when it's easier for the devs to see/interact here -- So I'm not going to promote the fan-made Discord without knowing how the devs feel about it. If you are interested in joining though, check the Reddit where it got setup in the first place or dm me and I'll do what I can to help!)

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