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QOL Suggestions : Scale-O-Matic and UI/UX

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Hello! I want to give some ideas for QOL update.

I want to know what other people think.:-D



1. Allow fish to be taken out of Fish Scale-O-Matic


When I want to put in other fish in Fish Scale-O-Matic, I have to break it.

This is uncomfortable so I'd like to suggest function that allows player to right-click Fish Scale-O-Matic and take out a fish.



2. Ban player who is not currently in my server

Sometimes I can't ban troll. because he left my server before I ban him.

I don't want to see him again, but he has to come back to my server to ban him.

so I suggest adding function to ban someone I met in Encounters!



3. Change Shop UI


We're getting more and more items in shop.

How about subdivide filter?


I add new filter. Character and Collection.

If you choose Year of the Carrat on Collection filter,


It just shows you that.

If you have any good ideas, it would be nice to share them.



4. Show items detail

Sometimes I wonder what item is this skin applied to?

I guess it from item thumbnail or have to see belongings list.

this is uncomfortable so I want to add a list of items in the Chest even if it's brief.

when you click '?' button,



just click 'show detail button'.



now you can see item list at a glance.

I think this function can prevent purchase mistake.



thank you for reading my idea!

Let me know if you have any opinions about my idea:-D

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