Combat/Card UI Clairty Suggestions

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There are some improvements I feel can be made to improve combat and card clarity in the game. Please excuse the poor GIMP editing, I did it rather quickly.



For starters, in combat, there are three different colors used to represent conditions/buffs/debuffs (as orange/green/red, respectively). However, the actual coloration isn't consistent which can make things weird (Hanbi's Hilt Slam, for example, is green, representing a buff - does that mean you could steal Hilt Slam using Gluey Antennae?)

To clarify, I'd clearly mark buffs and debuffs (instead of just conditions), like follows:



Things like species boons should be colored as Conditions (not colored as buffs) since it wouldn't make sense for Gluey Antennae to steal a species buff. Buffs and debuffs should be reserved for common statuses, while special combat attributes (like Skittish) should be colored as Conditions (Skittish is colored as a debuff but should be colored as a condition so that Rook can't accidentally remove it with abilities like Cyclone).


Inconsistent Ability Parameters


Efficient Disposal should have 4 as its indicator, Ravenous should have 24 as its indicator, and Serial Disposal should have 2 as its indicator (rather than using the indicator for how many stacks, use the indicator for the effect power).


Card Clarity

Boosted Slugstorm deals 4 damage to all enemy arguments if you roll Snails. What you may not know is that Dominance (and other modifiers) affects the damage dealt, despite the card text just stating a static 4! I would use the damage indicator so that the player always has a visual representation of the damage they will deal, like so:





This way, the player can clearly see what damage can be dealt, as well as any modifiers the damage may have (since otherwise the player won't know how much damage a Kicker will actually do if they have Flustered + Dominance + Vulnerability on the enemy active with the old card design).

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