Could someone share their savefile please?

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Hey guys,

I just reinstalled my PC and I forgot to copy my Griftlands savefiles. If anyone would be so kind to send me their save files? I had all cards unlocked and I was playing both characters at around 5-6 prestige. Any help would be appreciated!

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Sure I wouldn't mind, I'm prestige 3 with Sal (unlocked all her cards), and prestige 2 with Rook so far (unlocked 7 out of 10 cards packs).
But before giving any files I'd like confirmation from someone else, either a dev or someone knowledgeable first about a few things.

also as a side note, aren't Griftlands saves backed up through steam sync ? Just curious.

I'd guess the save files are the ones located under C:\Users\<my name>\AppData\Roaming\Klei\Griftlands\steam-<numbers>\saves, and I can see 3 of them : "slot_ROOK_<numbers>_rollback", "slot_SAL_<numbers>_rollback", and "slot_SAL_BRAWL_<numbers>" (that one I guess is my one ongoing brawl game).

Firstly, is that the correct data that would be needed to share your savefiles, and if not where is it located ?
Secondly, do those files contain any data other than purely game state data ? (No personal data, such as steam IDs or something of the likes ?)

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