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My custom character cannot eat monster meat. Help please

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So, the problem is: When i trying to eat monster lasagna/monster meat with my custom character - he says this quote : "Putting that in my mouth would be disguisting!"

And i don't know what function does this thing! I digged the code all the way through, and i cannot found this.

Pls, if you know how to resolve this problem - write answer here.

Also, sorry for bad english.

Code is included

jeff.lua modmain.lua

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Either you have a mod on which stops you from eating it accidentally (that's part of a mod I have), or you may have based your character off of one in-game that naturally doesn't eat that, like warly maybe, but I dunno... based on your code I don't think you used and existing character, right?

I took a look at the files, clearly if something is wrong with your approach it's probably between 66-74 of jeff.lua from what you posted. Also, maybe you have to add the "monster" tag along with "playermoster". However, this may not be consistent with how you want the world to treat your character since pigs and catcoons attack those with the monster tag I think.

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