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Sanity has been a highly requested rework for a long time and for good reason. Sanity really isn't too much of an issue to deal with and it could even be argued that being insane is probably better than being sane. In this post, I'm gonna list my main issues with sanity and then list my ideas for new/reworked sanity effects.

Issues-There are two main issues with insanity that I have.

  • First, the resource it provides is way too powerful. Nightmare fuel is a resource which grants players the ability to create some of the most useful items in the game (ex. Dark Sword). Because of this, many people consider being insane much more desirable in order to stock up on nightmare fuel as much as possible.
  • Second, its too combat oriented. Insanity is almost completely focused on fighting Shadow Creatures and doesn't really have many other note worthy effects. 

Changes-Here is a list of changes that I'd like to make to the current mechanics of insanity.

  • Nightmare fuel is only dropped by shadow creatures that spawn from nightmare cycles.
  • Nightmare Amulets now have a new functionality allowing for all nightmare creatures to drop nightmare fuel when worn.

These two changes will help lock Nightmare Fuel more toward the end game while also not making too ridiculous to obtain. In addition to that, it also removes the main incentive to be insane.

  • Options to turn down sanity sounds and filter.

This change is simply a Quality of Life addition as many people find the sounds and filter of insanity annoying.

Additions-Here is a list of additional effects that I feel should be added to make insanity more of an issue. (In the parentheses, I will state how low the players sanity has to be before the effect occurs).

  • Shadow bats have a 20% chance to come out of trees after each chop. This will cause the player to not be able to do anything briefly, similarly to how they do in Hallowed Nights. (Below 40%).
  • Crafting and resource harvesting takes twice as long. (Below 45%)
  • Characters will occasionally stop what they’re doing to do their “nervous look around” animation. (Below 20%)
  • “Phantom” resources (Grass, saplings, berry bushes, reeds, etc.) will spawn. They look just like the regular resources. Players can “harvest” them but once they’re completely harvested, they won’t give any resources and will instead disappear. “Phantom” resources won’t appear on the map. (Below 50%)
  • Mobs like Pigs, Bunnymen, Catcoons, etc. can no longer be befriended. (Below 55%)
  • Character abilities that lowers their sanity will be off limits if they don't have enough sanity to use said ability.

          -WX-78 won’t be overcharged when struck by lightning.

          -Wickerbottom’s books are no longer readable.

          -Woodie can’t use idols.

          -Wes can’t make balloons.

  • Negative foods will take on the names, image, and quotes of a better food while still keeping all of its effects. (Below 20%)

          -Monster meat and all its variants will become meat and all its variants.

          -Monster lasagna will become Meatballs.

          -Durians will become watermelons.

          -Powdercakes will become Trail Mix.

          -Rot will become berries.

These additional effects will make insanity a lot harder to deal with and will give players intensive to actively avoid going insane.


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Adding new Sanity monsters to the already existing list will only make the game harder for casual players, When meanwhile they have a hard enough time dealing with crawling horror and terrorbeak as it is they don’t need a Sanity rework that makes things any worse for them.

Instead.. Klei should keep doing what they’re doing by adding additional sanity threats in other areas outside of the starting “Beginner Biomes”

Wavey Jones, TerrorClaw those are both new Nightmare creatures that are meant to make being insane NOT a good thing.. But the thing is, These new creatures do not make life any worse on players who are just trying to pick up and learn the game- they actually have to have advanced far enough to build a fully functional boat in order to deal with these higher level threats.

Klei could maybe add new biomes out across the ocean somewhere that has harsher penalties for being insane... but you don’t really want to make the starting area of the game any harder on people still learning.

What your asking for belongs under a Harder difficulty setting.

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7 hours ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

Sanity needs new stuff but this will make the game annoying and grindy

Maybe not, Klei gave the Lunar Island it’s own Lunacy effect, it’s possible they could add more harsh sanity effects into new Islands that only effect that one Island and nowhere else (like Lunacy) 

It would allow players to experience more difficult content when they sail to it. Like how Wavy Jones & TerrorClaw are on the Sea.

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