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Add extra slots for specific items

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Recently I made a character mod and now I need to add some extra slots for the specific mod items that I made as well. I'm already pretty handy with modmaking, but I don't have a slightest about how to add extra slots nor make them to allow specific prefabs only.

Ideally I need 6 extra slots just above the inventory. It shouldn't be any sort of container like backpack, but rather smth like 45+ slots but lesser scale.

Could someone help me with that?

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14 hours ago, rawii22 said:

I'm not sure right now how I'd do that, but have you checked out the extra equip slots mod? It extends the inventory (even if it's just 2 slots) and makes only certain things equipable...


There are so many versions, even an api version apparently

Last time I checked EES its code was enormous. Yeah, I mentioned that I'm quite ok at reading dst code, but EES one is too hard for me to pull out. I checked most of the extra slots mods and I can't figure it out how to imply it to my mod

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